Edmund O’Mahony, 82, is a big fan of tea dances where he goes several times a week. Edmund is a widower but has a girlfriend who is also his dance partner. Today is Wednesday, the day when they don’t meet. Edmund was the first inhabitant of the Estate where he moved on June the 2nd 1946. He immediately loved living in his prefab where he found a comfort not found in most accommodations at the time: two bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilets, hot water and a fireplace engineered to provide heat to the whole house. At the time, that was luxury. One day, journalists came to interview Edmund. They aired the old man’s words: “I wouldn’t swap the place for Buckingham Palace, even if it included the Queen”.
Richard is 58 and has always lived at number 31 Dolphin Road. About 12 years ago, he bought his prefab. In spite of him being a house owner - the Council can not do anything against him- , he is fighting along the tenants to save the prefabs. He is an active supporter of the campaign to fight against the demolition. Richard is chatty and keeps talking about his father, a sailor from Barbados, landed by chance in England for appendicitis, he eventually settled there. “He was always full of colourful stories. Friends and family would spend hours listening to him here in this room”. Richard’s interior is the one of a bachelor, a collector on top of it. The walls of his bedroom are covered with shelves holding hundreds of miniature cars, painstakingly aligned. In the kitchen, mugs from all over the world decorate the walls. “What I like most in the prefab is the sound of the rain on the roof. It is as we were on holidays in a caravan”.
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