Minnie is well over 80. She has been living in this prefab for 53 years. Today she is alone and longing for the past times. She remembers the time when she went dancing twice a week while her husband went to the pub. “I had wonderful neighbours. At that time, we met often. Nowadays, everyone stays at home. Things have changed… Apart from the milkman who has been passing by everyone’s door for more than 50 years.
Jean is a personality in the Catford Estate. She is a member of the Excalibur, The Prefab Tenants Cooperative. She tells me modestly that she is there to make tea bring the biscuits during the meetings. I ask her what she thinks of the Council of Lewisham: “For the time being, they leave us alone. But we have been fighting for years to keep our prefabs”. These “palaces for the people” do not bring much income to the Council as the rents remain low and they are built on a ground worth a fortune being half an hour away from Central London.
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