Last spring, Dennis was very proud of the garden surrounding the prefab, at the end of Kimberley Avenue. By the way, Dennis was a professional gardener. He lived his job but he had to give it up for health reasons. Last October, the Council told him that is prefab was to be demolished and that he had a month to prepare the move. The Council offered him some compensation as well as a Council house.
Dennis moved four days ago and he comes back to his empty prefab for the first time. I am surprised to see that the curtains are still in the windows. “The Council give us a fifty Pounds bonus if we leave the curtains. This is to avoid the squatters”, explains Dennis. Today, Dennis came back to pick up his mail but mainly to have a chat with his neighbours. He is happy with his new house. “It’s lovely”. But one can hear the hint of nostalgia in his voice. Looking around the empty rooms for the last time, Dennis tells me a story: “One day, I was looking after my grand son Thomas. He was a bit restless. So I told him to go up to his room. He ran through the hall, stopped and came back to the living room telling me: But there are no stairs here!”
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