“Are you from the Council?” is the first question asked me. Rosina is scared. She lives in the last remaining prefab on Underhill Road, Peckham. She has been living here for 30 years, witnessing the spread of waste lands. Concrete rectangular pavings testify of the past existence of neighbouring bungalows. In Peckham, the Council is little by little getting rid of the 30 or so remaining prefabs.
Newport, South Wales. In the vicinity of the town, down the road, the estates of Bishpool and Treberth are little villages similar to Catford. Two roofs blew away during the last storm. The Council of Newport does not systematically pull down the prefabs but offers alternative solutions. If the tenants wish to stay, the Council will maintain the prefab. If not, they will be rehoused in a traditionally built bungalow.
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