In Peckham, Dean waves his Irish flag. Ireland is still in the race for the World Cup for a few hours. His girlfriend Sarah, obviously in a bad mood, does not want to be photographed. She has just attached her baby in the car seat and starts driving. Dean has just enough time for one picture. A few weeks later, I come back to bring the photo. I meet Sarah’s father, the owner of the prefab. He does not want to have his picture taken but does not say no to a chat.
He did not buy his prefab because he liked living in it. It was an investment. He just waits for a few years before selling it for a maximum profit. Then he will live somewhere on the countryside. “I won’t stay here, I can’t stand this place, see what I mean…”. “No, I don’t see what you mean”, was my reply. “You see, all these coloured people, these criminals, these robbers. It’s not safe”. When I ask him if he has been aggressed himself, he says no.
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