Eileen, 83, is worryingly waiting for news from the Council. She will soon have an appointment because her prefab will be pulled down and they are going to offer something else. She is happy here and would rather not leave. Next door, in a tiny Peckham street where she lives, there was another prefab. Eileen recalls: “The Council has never built anything next door since the prefab burnt about 20 years ago. A sad story. One evening my neighbours were looking after their grand daughter and one of her friends. My neighbour left for the Bingo. The little girls locked themselves in the bathroom, played with matches and set the place on fire. The grand father did not manage to rescue the girls in time. The girls died in the fire.
The windows of the prefab of Mary Lowe in Peckham are wide open. It’s hot today. It is the beginning of summer and tea time. The TV is on, silently, showing an important moment: Wimbledon. Mary enjoys living in her prefab. “It feels like the countryside, doesn’t it?”.
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